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First Page Google

So you want to make it to the first page of Google but simply do not
know how? You may not even know who to contact and anyone that seems
to know anything about the results that are on the first page of
Google is hesitant to make any guarantees – other than assure you that
you will spend lots of capital with them in hopes of having your ads
show on the first page of Google; but still, the first page of Google
is not guaranteed. So now we are back to were we started, how do I
make it to the first page of Google?

This article will not present you with a lot of technical terminology
that will serve no purpose for someone who, perhaps, like most of us
who is running a business and knows nothing, nor has the time to learn
about a rapidly growing industry – such as internet marketing. So let
us leave surgery up to the surgeon, accounting to the accountants, and
the technicalities of how to get on the first page of Google to our
online marketing manager(s). We, on the other hand, are concerned more
about choosing the right marketing manager or firm. Therefore, this
article will help guide you in the direction of picking a proper
marketing firm or individual and distinguishing the experts from the

Yes, since online marketing is somewhat of a new trend and the
Internet is in its infancy, per se; it becomes easy for charlatans to
begin preying on unsuspecting clients by various means some of which

They may present you with a lot of technical terminology without being
able to put it in layman’s terms.

They may make lots of promises but not commit to any particular
results. For example, they may say: “in order to be on the first page
of Google you need to sign up with us for X amount of dollars and for
X amount of time,” and when you ask them what will happen after all
this capital is spent and the allotted time period runs out? You may
hear a response similar to this: “we could not tell you what will
happen because it is not up to us, but we could tell you that this is
a great step you are taking for your company and if it pays off you
will build clients and increase your revenue tremendously.”  Let me
just say that the “if” that comes from such an individual or company
should be translated into a big “if” about the work they will do for

First what we must realize that yes it is true that some people could
not make guarantees to place you on the first page of Google this may
be due to many factors such as the many competitors competing and
bidding on the same keywords. However, it makes one wonder how Dr.
Julian can and has committed to a five minute return time on your
investment – in that your ads will appear only on the first page of
Google and what is more is that this will happen in less than five

Moreover, it is true that one could not predict the results of ads –
even the ones that show up on the first page of Google. However, why
do these same companies promise you results in one sentence and then
avoid liability and responsibility in the sentence that follows their
sales pitch?    Furthermore, they could not be expected to be able to
predict the outcome of the way the millions of online users choose to
navigate the internet. However, the impressions and the page the ads
show such as the first page of Google falls within the domain of their
responsibility, so do not let them off the hook when it comes to this
If you are using Sponsored Link Optimization (ads you pay for) as
opposed to Organic Optimization (results that cost you nothing) in
order to show up on the first page of Google, why should you commit to
any particular duration of time?

So if you are told you must sign a contract just consider the
following: do the newspapers ask you to sign a contract for an ad you
want to display one month and stop running the next month.
Furthermore, if you see result in their work what would be the
incentive of leaving if you are on the first page of Google?  Hence,
where does the necessity come into play of signing a contract for
Sponsored Link Optimization? After all, even Google does not require
you to advertise with them for a set duration of time other than the
time you wish to commit to them, so why should these companies?  Dr.
Julian understands this point very well and hence does not require any
sort of commitment from you other than a month to month.

In short, when you contract a professional to work for you in any
other domain of your life you do not necessarily familiarize yourself
with all the technical aspects of their work but just enough to know
that they know what they are doing. Hence, Dr. Julian suggests you do
the same when you choose the person or company you want to work with.


To appear on the first page of Google does not imply that you need to
become as tech savvy as your advertisement manager. This article
addresses some of the major things you should consider.